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Today’s tight building construction causes the air inside our homes becomes what is referred to as stale air since it is constantly re-circulated with little fresh air intake. This is great for energy savings.

It does cause health problems for many due to things like airborne particles, viruses, bacteria, and off-gases from household materials and cleaners get circulated throughout our home by the air conditioner or furnace that moves over 1 million cubic of air a day throughout your home.

That means unless it can be trapped and removed from the air you will be breathing all of these impurities in.

That’s where the Clean Air Defense System comes in to “protect your air space”.

How we improve the quality of your indoor air with “Smart AirSpace Technology”

The Clean Air Defense System is designed to provide safe, reliable and affordable high-efficiency air cleaning products for today’s tight building construction. We focus on trapping and eliminating the danger before it becomes a problem for you and your family with our three Lines of Defense.

Our Air Cleaners use electronic polarized-media technology to provide maximum air cleaning, while installing quickly into the existing filter tracks of your central heating and cooling system. This technology combines a safe, magnetic field to attract particles like a magnet collecting paper clips.  Then it has enough voltage to stick these smallest of sub-micron particles to the replaceable media for optimum particle control.  Its carbon center cell is ideal for removing some odors and roughly 40% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  

Dynamic Air Cleaners trap 97% of particles at .3 microns and continue trapping particles much smaller in size.  For reference, the eye of a needle is approximately 1,230 microns in diameter. Unlike passive mechanical filters where the size of small holes in the material determines the size of particles that can be captured, electronic polarized media employ the principal of agglomeration to join polarized sub-micron particles and VOC’s to each other as they pass through the central heating and cooling system.  As the particles get larger during subsequent passes, they collect on the air cleaner’s disposable replacement media pads.  In a short period of time, even the smallest particles --- those we breathe --- are removed from the air.

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